Our projects

A mobile app for regular outdoor workouts. The program stores the results, tracks the progress, analyzes the level of training of athletes and recommends for each one a training partner with a comparable level of training, who is training at about the same time in the same places. The interface is in Russian and English. iOS and Android platform.

Personal Driver

Application for calling a premium personal driver. App for drivers, personal account for customers, corporate customers and partners, admin panel.


A mobile application for the service of personal nutrition and training programs for every day.


A recommendation service for promoting a business on social media with the help of customers of this business.


A web service for an online company that operates on the network marketing model. After registering on the landing page, the user gets access to a functional personal account, where they can purchase the company's products and pay for them online, as well as build and manage their referral network. Complex algorithms for calculating bonuses and bonuses, withdrawing funds and adding funds to your account are implemented.


“Anonymous” messenger, allows you to find out the whole truth about yourself. Any user can write to another person from their contact list everything they think about them, while remaining anonymous. The person who sends the message knows who he is writing to, the recipient sees an “anonymous” profile.

Comiron Price

Quick launch of online sales for retail and wholesale businesses. Organization of joint purchases. Create your own stores inside the app.


Charity cashback service: a small percentage of purchases goes to the selected charity.


An application for selecting a psychologist and conducting an online consultation.

Taxi Relax

The application differs from numerous analogues primarily by its well-thought-out ergonomics and design of user interface elements. The process of calling a taxi takes a couple of seconds and at the same time allows you to specify all the details and requirements, including a child seat, whether the smoking in the car is allowed, and so on.

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