Dedicated teams
the team

The fastest way to hire the suitable professional developers of software

  • Start working with one full-time specialist within 7 days, with a commitment of 6 months or more.
  • Transparent monthly budget.
  • We will provide supervision over the work of the developer, so that you get the highest quality software.

We will allocate a team of developers for your project, who will help you bring your ideas to life

  • Dedicated team specialists will work on your project until it is completely finished.
  • Expertise remains in the project team.
  • Our technical director will advise you on choosing the best solution.
  • Focus on the business aspects of your product development, and entrust the development to TopSelection Development.

Distributed teams work on your projects, doubling your company's resources and value, as the team works both in your office and in our development centers

  • A modern level of communication between teams, as they are integrated into the same work culture and vision of the company.
  • Recognized engineering solutions, as decisions are made jointly by your employees and our employees.
  • It has been proven that hybrid teams are much more efficient than just full-time teams.
How dedicated teams are formed:
1 step
Collecting the initial requirements
for the team and describing
the project
2 step
Project submission
to the team
3 step
Selection of our best specialists
who are ready for a long-time cooperation
4 step
Team presentation
and introduction
5 step
Start of software development
with demonstration of the results of work and delivery of the developed services to the customer
Consumer value
Quick start
Expertise in IT
Quickly expand the team
when needed
Tell us about your project
What we do next
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